Saturday, November 14, 2009

Urban Dictionary

I love words.

I specifically love big words. Words that you say and your friends look at you like "OK, why don't you just carry around a dictionary with you so other people can understand what the heck you are saying" (note: I used the word "heck instead of hell", you'll understand in a minute).

Despite the fact that I know many big, pretentious words (thanks to my seventh-grade English teacher and his 500 words vocabulary list), I, being the innocent ex-catholic school girl that I am, am less familiar with more modern slang. Yes, every once in awhile a cuss word will slip from my tongue, but the majority of the time I stick to boring, fairly mundane words.

This is where Urban Dictionary comes in handy. It's like Webster for immature college students. You can read and add words to it, and learn a lingo that might just make you cooler, or seem more like a jerk than you already might be. I used to be shocked by the obnoxiousness of the majority of the words, but read enough of them and it's like reading a Doctor Seuss novel that you've read so many times before, you become used to it and the bizarreness of the words are lost on you.

I even tried to make up my own word, "adorkable". I would defined it as this:

adorkable: (adj.) One who embodies both the qualities of being adorable and dorky.
Ex: Clark Kent, with his black-rimmed glasses and buff bod, is the ultimate model of the "adorkable" male.

Alas, I looked up this word on the site and it was already listed! I had never heard it used before and I was foolish enough to think that I could be creative enough to think of it first. I eventually got over this and moved on. But it remains on my bucket list to create an epic word or phrase to add to the multitude of slang.

Let's just say Urban Dictionary gave me an education that was lost by not going to real-world school, you know, the type that mix genders, people get away with smoking in the bathroom, and the regular fist fight or bitch slap. I may have missed out on the lingo that went along with this exotic world, but I'm making up for lost time thanks to the wonders of the internet.

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